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Our Prices 

These prices are for officiating your wedding/elopement ceremony only. 
They may vary during Christmas, New Years, and special holidays

Wayside Chapel Wedding $350.00 CDN. or $300.00 U.S., includes chapel and minister's fee.
Niagara Parks Weddings $200.00 CDN. or $175.00 U.S. 
(does not include my parking fees)
Hotel, motel, house, weddings within the Niagara region  $200.00 CDN. or $175.00 U.S.
Private weddings & elopements in our residence $150.00 CDN. or $125.00 U.S.
Renewal of wedding vows $200.00 CDN or $175.00 U.S. on Saturdays and Sundays from May 1 to Oct. 31 - any other Sat. $150.00 CDN or $150.00 U..S
Weekdays $150.00 CDN. or $150.00 U.S.

We do not charge HST tax or a consulting fee

Special Package

Elope at in Gary and Linda's home beside the fireplace.
 $150.00 Canadian,
or. $400.00, including professional  photographer



Additional costs 

Rehearsals, if required - $75.00 CDN or U.S.

Witnesses - If you have no witnesses, we will provide them at a 
cost of  $25.00 each. 

Marriage Licence - presently $125.00 at Niagara Falls city hall. 

You can call Niagara Falls city hall at 1-905-356-7521 or visit them at

Weddings and elopements outside the Niagara area may cost a little more depending on the location. 


Call us from anywhere in North America 
for no charge at 1-866-645-1714
For local callers please dial 905-374-3957


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